Our Team

Terra Recognita Foundation

Csaba Zahoran


Fields of research: Transylvania  and Székely Land in the 20th, Central European national politics, Hungarian-Romanian and Hungarian-Slovak relations in the 19-20. century

  • 224-6700/4638
  • zahoran.csaba@btk.mta.hu

Istvan Kollai

Project Coordinator

Fields of research: Central and Eastern Europe in a Global Context, Economics of Cultural Diversity, Imaginative Geography

  • +36 1 482 7423
  • istvankollai@gmail.com

Domonkos Ottlik

Project Coordinator

Fields of research: traumas and mediation in the context of Central-European history and politics

  • 865-259-2467
  • @mail.com

Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: Republic of Moldova, construction of Szekely identity, nationalism, Cultural education. forex trading for dummiesis not something to take lightly.

  • 224-6700 / 5475
  • Patakfalvi-Czirjak.Agnes@tk.mta.hu

Bálint Varga-Kuna

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: Social history of the Central European region in the 19th century, historiography, history of nationalism

  • 224-6700/4654
  • varga.balint@btk.mta.hu

Miklós Mitrovits

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: Political and Social History of Eastern Central Europe (1945-1991), political and cultural relations between the Central and Eastern European countries. comparative historiography (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary), especially Polish-Hungarian relations

  • 224-6700/4319
  • mitrovits.miklos@btk.mta.hu

József Demmel

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: the 19th century of Slovak social and cultural history

  • 865-259-2467
  • histdemm@savba.sk

Gábor Lagzi

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: the history of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic in the 20th century; minorities in Central Europe; interethnic relations in the Visegrád region; parties and politicians in post-regime Central and Eastern Europe; state and nation building in the post-Soviet region

  • (+36 88) 624-274
  • lagzig@gmail.com

Veronika Szeghy-Gayer

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: citizenship in the territory of today’s Slovakia in the first half of the 20th century; history of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia 1918-1945; Slovak-Hungarian relations between 1867-1945

  • 865-259-2467

Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics

Associate Research Fellow

Fields of research: History of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in the 19-20. century; National Movements on the Balkan Peninsula; Balkan politics of Austria-Hungary

  • 224–6700/4262
  • csaplar.degovics.krisztian @btk.mta.hu

Lukács György

Associate Research Fellow

National issues and questions in the Socialist Yugoslavia; regional problems of the region and inter-state relations