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Visegrad Artists Residency Program

We are happy to announce that Terra Recognita Foundation is eager to join the Visegrad Artists Residency Program, initiated and supported by the International Visegrad Fund. The basis of our initiative is the cooperation with an estate in a village located in north to Balaton. The village is called Kapolcs – well-known in Hungary as the centre of the most popular artist festival in countryside from 1990’s, entitled ‘The Valley of Arts’ – and the region is called Balaton Upper Land, geographically part of the 2023 European Cultural Capital region (around Veszprém).

Hence, the estate – tiny house with garden facilities – is located in the epicentre of Hungarian rural renewal, blurring the edge between urban and rural athmospheres and sentiments. Our initative is to get Visegrad artists engaged in this culturally inspirational cultural landscape, embedded in the dense network of artistic initiatives, moved by people ‘escaping’ from Budapest and finding the ways towards the hinterland of the capital city.

We deeply hope that our initiative will be supported and accepted both the International Visegrad Fund, and we will welcome the first artist resident in 2023.