5. Budapest150 – The Central European Image of the 150-year-old Hungarian Capital.

On the occasion of the 150. anniversary of Budapest’s official foundation (by merging Buda, Pest and Óbuda), this project intends to reveal, what kind of picture has been portrayed about Budapest in Czech, Slovak and Polish *belles-lettres *and travellogues. How writers, artists, politicians, journalists wrote about the city? Has this urban landscape had some special color in the eyes of Czech writers or politicians – making a secret round-trip in the city in the interwar period -, or in the eyes of Slovak writer Svetozar Hurban-Vajansky – spending time in jail together with lumpen-aristocrats of Budapest? How contemporary writers like Lubomír Feldek or Pavel Vilikovsky wrote about the Hungarian metropolis in their novels? The project aims to reveal these memento-fragments and hidden memory-mosaics from 1873 to the late Communism. The project intends to contribute to the initiative of Institute of Central European Studies https://ejkk.uni-nke.hu/kutatointezetek/kozep-europa-kutatointezet on commemorating the foundation of Budapest.
Grant: International Visegrad Fund
PL – Association Culture at the Borders https://kulturanagranicy.pl
CZ – Vetrne Mlyny https://www.vetrnemlyny.cz/
SK – Civic Association Bratislavské rozky http://pozsonyikifli.sk