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Terra Recognita Foundation –
for a dialogue in Central Europe

Who We Are

Terra Recognita Foundation was established in 2005 by Hungarian researchers, PhD students and NGO activists who were interested in Central European issues and were willing to learn some Central European languages.
Beside academic projects, the foundation is active in dissemination projects
and crossborder cooperation initiatives, having a stable network of
partners throghout the region.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to launch and conduct Central European cooperation and dialogue projects, embodying in issuing books, co-organizing club events, festivals, contributing to exhibitions and writing in journals.

Our vision is that Central Europe – the large, in-between  region between the German-speaking and Russian-speaking world, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea – is ought to be not a *terra incognita * unexplored land), but a re-explored land: *terra recognita*. Raising common knowledge and awareness towards each other can improve cooperation not just among CE countries, but between CE and Western Europe.

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Our Vision 


  • Sep 2005

    The Start of the Foundation

    Established in 2005, our small gathering became regular and formed a
    solid platform for launching our first projects

  • Dec 2006

    'Reinventing Central Europe' - review about the Region

    From 2006, we launched a review of Central European media contents in
    Hungarian language. The aim was to open a window for Hungarian audience towards regional news.

  • 2009

    Multicultural cities in CE

    From 2009, the Foundation had issued several volumes about the renewal
    of traditional multiculturalism in Central European cities: in Bratislava, in Budapest and in Kosice. Books were published in English.

  • 2016

    Inner City Social Works

    After participating in a great variety of ‘traditional’ projects, in
    2016 we endevaured to build a smartphone application, showing the sights to see along CE train routes. Content was also developed, for the
    Budapest-Warsaw railway section. The app is called Peripatos.


Our members are affiliated to various research organisations, while contributing to the work of the foundation.
Zahorán Csaba

Csaba Zahorán

Expert of Romania and Romanian-Hungarian relations, focusing on it from a historical approach, but being aware of current sociocultural tendencies as well.

István Kollai

Expert of Slovakia and Slovakian-Hungarian relations, focusing on it from a  historical approach, but being aware of current sociocultural tendencies as well.
Kollai István