The newest volume of the Central European book series K4 was presented in Warsaw on 27th of October 2015. The novel entitled Loneliness written by Hubert Klimko Dobrzaniecki was published in original Polish language on the very same day as its Slovak, Czech and Hungarian translations. This is a leading motif of the series: to let the Visegrad people enjoy the neighbouring countries’ literature at the same time.

The word book begins with the the letter k on all the four Visegrad languages, that was the reason why to choose the abbreviation K4, which became a common label of the whole series” – explained Margit Garajszki who invented the idea of the programme.

The novel Loneliness was issued in Polish by the publishing house Noir sur Blanc, in Hungarian by Terra Recognita Foundation (translator: Lajos Pálfalvi), in Czech by Větrné mlýny, and in Slovak by the publishing house Kalligram

The first volume of the Central European book series K4 was The Story of a Real Man by the highly acclaimed Slovak author Pavel Vilikovský. Its main character embodies those eternal types of men who try to get promoted in the world of socialism, with conformist behaviour and with great amibitions but with the lack of sober-mindedness and self-reflection.

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki

This year’s author of the K4 series is the Polish writer and poet Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki who learnt theology and philosophy in Poland, and philology in Island. He spent more than ten years in Island but visited Vietnam, Mongolia and China as well.

For a while he lived as a Catholic novice but finally he was not consecrated. After writing poems, in 2003 he appeared on the scene as a prosaist. His novels and short stories, containing many times autobiographic elements, were nominated to several renowned Polish literature awards – such Nike, Angelus, Paszport Polityki.

Loneliness a’la Vienna

Hubert Klimko Dobrzaniecki presently lives and works in Vienna, which was a source of inspiration for writing the Loneliness. The main character of the novel is Bruno Stressmeyer, an unbearable, bull-headed precisian and egomaniac misanthropist.

His deepest eagerness to be lonely. Having nor family neither friends, he is not forced to work and can pay attention just to his own needs. He can afford loneliness and doesn’t have to do anything but to live his life. Nevertheless, it isn’t so simple, because he hates his neighbours, and the foreigners and migrants, and the dogs and their owners, moreover he hates the politicians and everything which forces him to get to interaction to others.

During a summer holiday, he got intimately acquainted with a woman – with a real stranger, which stirred up his previous balanced life. Gradually, the borders between the voluntary loneliness and the pathological isolation are fading away. Bruno’s bumptious, ironic and over-critical internal monologues create a text which is amusive and frightening at the same time.