The membership consists mostly of Hungarian researchers having learnt several Central European languages. Since the emergence of the Foundation our activities have been the following:

hankiss_elemerCentral European Review

In cooperation with the initiative Reinventing Central Europe (Találjuk ki Közép-Európát), launched by Elemér Hankiss, we ran the periodical ‘Central European Review’ between 2006-2008, publishing 3-5 articles a week based on journal reviews covering Central and Eastern Europe. Our aim was to provide the Hungarian public with information which allowed a better understanding of the everyday life of the societies in question. The history website Múlt-kor also regularly publishes articles by members of the Foundation on the history of Central and Eastern Europe.

shatteredpastShattered Past

The project entitled Shattered Past (Rozštiepená minulosť – Meghasadt múlt) was launched in co-operation with the Pillar Foundation, and is supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and by Central European Foundation in Slovakia (Stredoeurópska Nadácia). The project consisted of 16 short essays aiming to reflect on overlapping points of Slovak and Hungarian history. The volume was published first in 2008 together with the Farkas Kempelen Society of Komárno, Slovakia. The second edition will be published in 2010 in both Hungarian and Slovak.

capital-on-the-borderlandMulticultural Cities in Central Europe

In 2009, with the support of German Erinnerung Verantwortung Zukunft – Geschichtswerkstatt Europa, we have published the first two volumes of the series Multicultural Cities in Central Europe. The Hidden Faces of Budapest and A Capital on the Borderland present the ways in which the multicultural tradition in Budapest and Bratislava lives on today. The volumes, available in English, employ the style of an innovative guidebook.

neznamysusedThe Unknown Neighbour

Supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in partnership with several Slovak organizations, the Foundation has launched the project entitled The Unknown Neighbour (Neznámy sused – Az ismeretlen szomszéd) which aims to present post-1989 Hungary to the contemporary Slovak audience. The essays cover different fields (such as foreign policy, historical studies, economics, society etc.) and are to be published in a volume. Moreover, these essays were also presented in the first half of 2010 at a series of talks in Slovakia.

europe-in-bpEurope in Budapest – A Guide To Its Many Cultures

“The guide offers a novel presentation of Budapest. It shows the different faces of the city, each of its chapters portrays how various ethnic or religious communities have been related to the city, digressing also on actualities.  The authors, a group of young historians, collected the many marks and mementos Germans, Czechs, Poles, the French, the Swiss, Finns, Italians, Jews, and Muslims, and many others have left on the city. Buildings, statues, plaques, living customs appear in picturesque photos. With the help of a map included, thematic walks are also suggested by the guide.”

remembering-the-cityRemembering The City – A Guide Through the Past of Košice.

“It is a result of the work of historians from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.  They decided to create a book that would promote the rich past of the city of Košice, as well as enhance the dialogue between new generations of historians from these countires. They decided that their work should go beyond the traditional national narratives and show that it is possible to work on a joint project, and approach the topic of shared histories from different points of view. This guidebook contains many stories about these and many other, less promoted places, and about people who were associated with them.”

horizonguide-logo-tra-honlapraCentral Europe On The Horizon (audioguide)

After issuing a great variety of printed publications and guidebooks, the team of Terra Recognita has launched an audioguide-project, deploying the mobile application HorizonGuide. It’s a GPS-based storytelling app which tells the users stories about the sights they see from the window when travelling by car, bus, train, boat, etc. Our project is going to depict and revive the landscape we can see from the Budapest-Warsaw train route.