— What can you see from the window when travelling by train? —

HorizonGuide, a new “cultural app” tries to answer it. The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The time which we spend with travelling is not always useful: we are just sitting and waiting for the arrival. But how many stories could be told by the mountains, distant houses, forests we pass by, when sitting on the train.

logo_ivfHorizonGuide is an app which tries to tell the travellers these stories, using the GPS-location of the users’ mobile phone. The project could be launched by the kind support of the International Visegrad Fund, under the project name “Visegrad On”.

Next week, two presentations of the HorizonGuide project will take place:

Within the framework of the Conference “Jagiellonian Ideas In Intercultural Relations“, István Kollai will present the whole project to an international audience in Cracow, on 26th September.

On 30th September, the Visegrad Cabaret will take the floor of the Festival Amplión in Banská Stiavnica, where this international group of artists will create the Central-European multilingual atmosphere through their songs and couplets. The presentation of the “guide project” is implied in their program.



Terra Recognita Foundation – for a Central European cooperation

History, objectives

The Terra Recognita Foundation was established in November 2005 as a Central European non-governmental initiative. The objectives concern two main areas:

  • enhancing the spirit of co-operation among countries of the Central European region and promoting knowledge about each other;
  • improving relations between Hungary and the neighboring countries through dialogue and disseminating information.

Central Europe

We use the term Central Europe to denote all the countries in the region – between the German-language states and Russia – which experienced dictatorial or other autocratic regimes, were under the influence of foreign powers or did not exist as independent nations until the 1990’s.